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  • Trusted– Michael W. Schroeder has successfully represented both defendants and plaintiffs in trademark trials to get favorable results in Trademark disputes.
  • Specialization– Michael specializes in all types of trademark disputes that include Trademark litigation, registration, prosecution, monitoring, and protection.
  • Experience– He has offered the most honest legal counsel for trademark and intellectual property rights for more than 15 years.
  • Attention to detail- Michael guides you closely and offers detailed attention to your trademark disputes and intellectual property rights.


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Have a trademark litigation that’s interfering with your business? Michael W. Schroeder is your go-to guy with combined legal experience protecting your brand.

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What We Do

Our Practice Areas

Trademark Attorney Michael W. Schroeder brings over 10 years of experience working in BIG Law, and the knowledge and expertise from handling thousands of successful trademark registrations. We focus on excellence in all types of Trademark disputes, claims, frauds, and any other trademark-related matters.

Trademark registration

From having an in-depth search to matching with trademark examiners at the USPTO, Michael is your expert trademark solicitor having handled all oppositions, disputes, cancellations, and claims to get your trademark registered successfully. Get your registration done smoothly! Fill up the form now.

Trademark Litigation

Have a trademark dispute? Michael has successfully represented both the defendants and plaintiffs in the Trademark trial and appeal board to bring a decision in favour. Michael’s deep knowledge and custom strategies protect your intellectual property and preserve your brand.

Trademark Monitoring & Protection

Want to secure your brand value with trademark protection? Get your trademark preserved from getting copied or misused. Michael with extensive years in trademark protection services continuously monitors and prevents your business from having any potentially confusing similarity in Trademark.

Domain Disputes

Have domain conflicts? Get specialized expertise that will navigate you through all the intricacies of the domain conflicts. Michael stands with unparalleled expertise in getting optimal results for you in Domain dispute trials. Trademark Attorney Michael is your trusted solicitor in the realm of virtual brand security.

Trademark Infringement

Trademark infringement is a catastrophic threat to your business identity. A good Trademark lawyer can make a significant difference in having an impact on your business or protecting your brand identity. Michael is a top infringement attorney bringing you an unwavering commitment to protecting your intellectual property.

USPTO Refusals

Is your trademark refused to be registered? Don’t miss out on getting comprehensive support! Michael understands your brand’s distinctiveness. He brings you a vigorous representation addressing that your trademark is unique and not confused with any existing marks.



Get no disappointment with us! Michael W. Schroeder is no stranger to trademark laws. Get in touch with us and know why we stand out in trademark litigation.


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We have handled all types of immigration and know the stages in and out. We take pride in what our clients have to say

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