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USPTO Refusals

Skilled trademark lawer

Navigating USPTO refusals  requires the expertise of a highly experienced trademark attorney who specializes in this critical area of law.

USPTO refusals can be a significant hurdle in the trademark registration process, potentially delaying or even preventing your brand from gaining protection. At Trademark Legal, we understand the importance of overcoming these refusals efficiently. Our Experienced trademark attorney is ready to provide expert guidance and representation throughout this challenging journey. With our help, you can address USPTO refusals effectively and ensure your brand’s intellectual property rights are secured.

About Our Firm

Your Trusted Trademark Law Firm

At Trademark Legal, we take pride in being a leading trademark law firm dedicated to helping clients overcome USPTO refusals. Our team of skilled professionals is committed to safeguarding your brand’s identity and intellectual property rights. With a proven track record and a commitment to excellence, we have become a trusted partner for clients facing USPTO refusals.

About Our Service

Effective USPTO Refusal Solutions

Our USPTO refusal services are designed to provide you with comprehensive support in addressing a wide range of refusal issues. We understand that each case is unique, and our strategies are tailored to your specific needs. Our services include:

  • Likelihood of Confusion Refusals: We assist in proving that your trademark is not likely to be confused with existing marks.
  • Descriptive / Generic Refusals: We help strengthen your mark’s distinctiveness and overcome refusals based on descriptiveness or genericness.
  • Statement of Use Filings: We guide you through the process of filing statements of use to demonstrate trademark usage.
  • Specimen Refusals: We help you provide acceptable specimens to support your trademark application.
  • Color Claim / Mark Description: We navigate the complexities of color claims and mark descriptions.
  • Disclaimer / Translation: We advise on disclaimers and translations when necessary for approval.
  • Surname / Distinctiveness: We address refusals related to surnames and work to establish distinctiveness.
  • Ownership / Consent: We assist in establishing ownership and obtaining consent when required.
  • Statutory Protection: We ensure your trademark complies with statutory requirements.
The Refusal Resolution Process

Step-by-Step Guidance

Our USPTO refusal resolution process is designed to provide comprehensive support:

  • Consultation

    We evaluate the specifics of your refusal and discuss potential strategies.

  • Strategy Development

    We develop a customized strategy to address the specific refusal issues.

  • Documentation

    We assist in preparing the necessary documentation and responses.

  • Negotiation

    We negotiate with the USPTO examiners when necessary to resolve refusals.

  • Resolution

    We work diligently to achieve a favorable resolution and secure your trademark rights.


This refusal occurs when your trademark is too similar to an existing one. We help establish differences to overcome it.

Descriptive marks lack distinctiveness, while generic terms cannot be trademarked. We assist in strengthening your mark.

A specimen is evidence of your mark's actual use. We ensure you submit acceptable specimens to support your application.

These are needed when certain elements of your mark need to be disclaimed or translated for clarity.

The timeline varies, but we work diligently to achieve timely resolutions.